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27 May 2022

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30 April 2021
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  16 May 2022
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30 April 2021
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6 June 2022
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25 June 2022
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25 April 2021
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27 March 2022
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13 June 2022
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14 February 2022
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22 May 2022
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7 August 2022

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28 May 2022
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23 July 2022
Morning Sky
1 - 7 August 2022
7 October 2021

On these pages you'll get to travel with me and experience how I see and interact with the world around me. I hope you take some time to look around and enjoy what you find.

Some visitors may be disappointed. But trust me; you've found a safe haven from the deadly traps of the internet. Here you're safe from attacking web-serpents, crawlers and bots looking for a meal of email addresses and URLs or being pursued by escaped avatars from violent games bent on shooting, stabbing, and blowing you into small bits of electronic dust. Here I guarantee you won't be bored to death from being forced to play the same stupid game like Candy Crush for the rest of time.

What you'll find here is almost anything that gets my interest. Here you'll see my bad to sometimes great photography; as well as action packed video clips about almost anything from animation to motorcycle riding and touring. There're videos demonstrating my ability to make puppets come alive, and of course, some boring home movies.

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