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  1. Images from 16 March 2018 at "The Yard Sale"
  2. Images from 14 March 2018

All of the photographs apearing on this page are the work of Phillip Floria.

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Images from last part of March,
30 March 2018

Sunrise, looking over the Elizabeth River from Ft Monroe

Lee Hall Train Station, Newport News

Ft Monroe

Lee Hall Train Station, Newport News

Ft Monroe

Sunrise on the James River

Lee Hall Train Station, Newport News

Images from 16 March 2018 at "The Yard Sale"

The Yard Sale
Antiques - Collectibles - Furniture
Electronics - Tools - Appliances
Toys and Games - Gereral Items
Mon - Sat 10a - 6p / Sun 10a - 5p
757 812-7422
9501 Warwick Blvd
Center Avenue Plaza in Hilton Village
Newport News, Virginia 23601

Flo and I left the house around noon on Friday and took a ride down Jefferson Ave. At the intersection with Center Ave., we turned right and headed to the intersection with Warwick Blvd. Just across the intersection was our destination; a store called "The Yard Sale". Now unlike Flo I don't normally visit thrift type stores, but this one is different. The shelves are stuffed with treasures. I have to admit I managed to get caught up in the toy section. This place is a Hot Wheels collector's dream not to mention the large selection of collector die cast model cars. They also have collector dolls. I love to photograph collector dolls; they have unique expressions on thier faces. The dolls can be so lifelike it seems they can speak to you; and at times, I think I actually hear them. The kind woman in charge of the store allowed me to take some photographs inside the store.

Images from 14 March 2018

Coppahaunk Swamp

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