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27 May 2022

21 April 2022

12 April 2022

With the last few dogs, we have had, they have all shown a preference to spend their time with me. Wherever I went Bud would accompany me, Bess would spend a lot of time with me when she could and of course, Jack has become a fixture in the house wherever I go. Flo started to remark that she has been left out, she didn't have "her dog". I always thought all the dogs were ours but it seems not. The last dog that she considered hers was Missy the little chocolate puddle we had. So when friends of ours took in a litter of pups we went over to take a look. Jill was born in February 12th of this year she is about eight weeks old and is by far much smarter, bolder, and adventurous than Jack was at this age.

Jill's First Bone

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