Bud the wonder dog

Welcome to Buddy's World

dog footHi I'm Buddy. I live with Phil and Flo and they think I belong to them but that's not the case. I was born in a little closet in Virginia Beach on 12 April 2001. I was one of 14 pups born in that litter. Only 7 of us survived, no I was not the biggest pup but Phil did have pick of the litter so I must be special. My Mom, Seven is a mix breed Rottwieler and Labrador retriever. My Dad is full-blooded German shepherd owned by Sue Cardnial. My Dad is pretty big and he is really brave, so is my mom. But right now I just weigh in at about 20 lb. I am practicing my dog tricks with the other dog Oso who lives with us, but he is old and doesn't like to play much. If you like you can come by and play with me too. Some of my favorite things are sleeping when everyone else is awake so I can wake'em up at night, eating, annoying Oso, and biting anything that moves with my new teeth.

Buddy the Wonder Dog

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Buddy at 3 months

Not me, it had to be the other dog!

I wonder how long she will let me lay here....

Big deal your hand is almost as big as my paw, wait till next month....

This guy is cool, he plays with me, but don't piss him off he's got big feet...

Buddy the wonder dog.

Hey, lets go out and play

Buddy at 7 Weeks

What the hell are they doing?

I'm getting bored...

I am guarding the kitchen, no food will escape

Bud the devil dog

Buddy at 7 Months

2000 Plus