Bud the wonder dog

dog foot

Bess the Brown Dog came to us after losing my best friend Bud. Bud passed away one morning without any warning, leaving a very big hole to fill in our lives. From the frisky mischievous puppy he matured into one a well mannered and faithful friend. Flo and I visited the Newport News ASPCA and looked over the many puppies and dogs looking for homes. Flo found Bess looking pretty down and fell in love. Bess had been placed in several homes and always brought back because she was more dog than the people where prepared for. Bess was a American Pit Bull Terrier, yes she was full of energy and at our house she had enough yard and some dog neighbors who helped her burn up all that excess energy. She was already a few years old when we brought her home. Over time This fireball of energy began to change into a very loving and calm lady.  

Bess the Brown Dog

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