A Morning With My Inner Child

Once again I've been led astray by my inner child. That kid can drive me nuts at times and he seems to enjoy distracting me from my adult responsibilities, especially if I've ignored him for any long period of time. But, what can you expect from a 16 year old delinquent living in my head.

On Sunday morning (29 July 2006), like most of my Sunday mornings I had decided to ride some of my favorite back roads prior to heading over to the radio station in Norfolk.

Some mornings just feel different than others, and this Sunday morning was one of those. The earth lined up perfectly with all of the planets in the solar system. The weather was picture perfect for riding a motorcycle. The celestial alignment combined to improve my riding skills and timing along with the tire's ability to find traction.

Phil age 16

These are the conditions that riders dream of, a ride capable of bending time and space on roads, twisted and bent, rolling up and down; all of them leading to no place in particular.

Not long into the ride as the fun levels increased my ride my inner child managed to slip out and take control. He was now doing all of the thinking. There were times that morning which caused me to question my sanity for turning this irresponsible devil may care kid loose on such a fine day with such a powerful machine.

By the time I reached the end of 620 in Ivor; I had traveled some 80 miles and most of that was fueled by pure adrenaline mixed with large doses of endorphins than any 59 year old could handle. I stopped in Ivor for water and after a quick cleaning of my face shield; I realized it would be almost impossible for me to make Norfolk by 10:00 o'clock.

I was determined to arrive at my destination in Norfolk. I changed directions and headed that way toward the radio station and my adult responsibilities. Somewhere along the way I made the biggest mistake of the morning, I let my inner child take over the controls of the "Beast". I didn't think he could do much harm with me supervising him…

No sooner did he have control He immediately turned onto a road which neither of us have had the pleasure of riding before. I kept telling him we didn't have time to explore new roads and we were not heading in the correct direction. He kept reassuring me that all the roads in the area always come out somewhere on a road that we know; and we could always make up time if necessary.

This road was absolutely awesome with lots of corners capable of making a rider suck up seat covers into his anal cavity. Some of them so blind you couldn't tell the corner existed, until it was way too late to correctly set it up for safe high speed navigation. It truly challenged not only skills but nerves as well.

Ivor along 460

I have to tell you that the kid impressed me, his skills and timing was spot on. Corner after corner he maneuvered the bike into and out them with great ease and precision. Each time panic would well up in the old guy, the kid would take over and perform flawlessly renewing my faith in the soft science of motorcycling. He bent corner after corner on this new road.

You can get gas anytime in Ivor except Sundays

Just as the kid promised this new road surprisingly intersected with a road we both recognized and knew well. The new road connected with one of our favorites and it connected with another favorite. We wheeled over each crest and drove hard out each corner making our way from one back road to another.

Phil's inner child ready to ride....

I've never heard of Sexton Brothers Dog Food, but you can get it in Ivor...

Yes we were finally headed in the correct direction and traveling at warp speeds that only Captain Kirk could comprehend. The old man being overcome by a strong desire for nicotine forced the pair to take refuge at a little country store.

The little country store was closed, the old man and the kid argued over going to Norfolk as planned or continue riding and enjoying the day. The kid made a good argument over the waste of the tire rubber, and indeed the tires where flat spotting in center and showed little wear on the edges. Riding to Norfolk would only wear out the center of the tires, and it's the wear on the edges we needed to work on. It was a matter of getting our monies worth out of the tires before changing them. Staying out riding and enjoying the day would wear the tires on those fat edges.

His argument was convincing enough and I had to concede to him that it was a waste of perfectly good tires to wear them out in such a disrespectful way my just wearing out a thin strip down the middle. Pulling out of the country store' parking lot the kid turned the "Beast's" front wheel in the opposite direction from Norfolk and responsibilities and he promised he would raise the intensity of our ride. Now we were even more determined to wear out the tires' edges.

Now you know why I wasn't there, I was babysitting my inner child; that nasty little bastard…

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