17 March 2016 Visit to the Honda Temple or John's VJM Museum
This page is dedicated to my friend John,
who felt a need to be a caretaker to all of these motorcycles
from our youth.

Originally, there were supposed to be three of us meeting with John in the "Void" to look over the Honda Temple and get caught up with what each of us was doing for the last few years since we last all sat down together. One fellow couldn't make it and a new member fell out at the last moment too. Doc, John and I enjoyed a morning of coffee and chat from motorcycles to pills and cures, television shows and who knows what else came up. then came the tour of all the things John had added to his collection since Doc's last visit. In the attached garage we looked over an Austin Healy Bug Eye Sprite, a Delorean, a few more smaller motorcycles and then on to the temple which by now is overflowing with motorcycle memorabilia and motorcycles.

As you can see from the pictures, John's collection is rather large. Over the winter, I managed to get John to agree to let me make a photograph & video record of each one. The video will include a narration about of how each motorcycle came into John's possession and how they were returned to show room condition. I've been bugging John about doing this for years and now after looking at the pictures myself it may be more of a task than I expected. Now all we are waiting on is warmer weather of mid to late spring and lots of sunshine.

Doc and John talk about the fun of owning British Roadsters

Inside the Honda Temple

Someone say collectables?

Another shot of the the VRod

Back to the Future - Yes there is a Delorean under all of that stuff.

Doc was busy taking pictures of the cool stuff while I was photographing him...

I wonder if John knows this Harley Davidson VRod is in there?

The Honda Temple from the Front or as the owner calls it John's Musuem

OK, John, which one do I get to ride?

there are a few interlopers in the Temple

Doc on his way out takes a moment to strike a pose.

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