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After accumulating over 300 ceramic dolls; Flo and I have been trying to restrain or stop bringing them home. It's hard, after all, they are beautiful, and dolls have a way of speaking to you that's hard to explain. Yes, they do take up a lot of room.

American Girl Doll
However in the process of waneing off the ceramic dolls, we discovered the 18" the "American Girl" style of dolls and the others like her, "My Generation, My life and more". What we discovered is that they seem to show up at the thrift stores almost as often and cost about the same. They are easier to repair in most cases and new clothes, shoes, and accessories for them are as easy as a trip to Target, Wal-Mart or Amazon. Because these dolls are meant for little girls to actually play with them, they are a lot more resilient to abuse, better rooted hair, plastic heads and limbs with a very durable cloth body.

"Kimberly" the name Flo gave to the doll, during cleaning, we should have taken before pictures of "Kimberly" with her rat's nest for hair and her Crayola makeup job. Kimberly had a badly dislocated hip making her look like a polio victim. I fussed with her to trying to fix her

Kimberly after cleaning and hair combing
broken hip. I eventually got her upper leg to fit better into the hip socket, but she really requires major surgery to repair the hip correctly. I really didn't want to pull the doll apart fix it so it will have to do for now. Flo worked on her hair and later on presented me with a very beautiful doll with nice long hair.

I found another one on yesterday's thrift store hunt. We named this doll in honor of best doll destroyer, lover and doll playmate I ever knew; my daughter Kelly Celeste. Kelly's Dolls never stayed dressed, and their hair was never neat again after leaving the box they came in. She would feed, bathe, and sleep with them and loved them.

Celest waiting for cleaning and grooming

"Celeste's" body was in better shape but her hair had been subjected to the same "styling by little girl". Flo once again went to work, and preformed a miracle. Celeste clothes were missing she had only one shoe and looked in need of a real cleaning. We bought a complete outfit for her at Target on the way, and now she looks brand new just as she did when she came out of the box.

I commented to Flo, that with the patience and care she put in to the last two dolls she must have been good to her dolls when she was child. She looked up and me and told me she was one of those little girls who destroyed dolls playing with them. She told me her older sister Jan was good with dolls and kept a nice collection of dolls, at least until little Flo got to them, and would wreck havoc on them. I guess that explains why Kelly was so rough with them too; Daughter like mother thing...

Kimberly , waiting to go to Hogwarts

Celest getting ready for jet setting around the world

23 July 2022

Jess is an American Girl Doll "Just like You #40." She was released in 2009 and retired in 2019. Our Jess is from 2014. Her dress, slip and underwear are all hand made by Rebecca Clatanoff in Leawood, Kansas. She is the owner of RbeccaSusan14 found on Etsy.com

Ava: is another "Our Gerneration Doll". She was purchased from the Bargin Box in Yorktown on the 6th of April 2022. She ca;me dressed just missing shoes

Erin: is an "Our Gereration" doll, purchased on 18 March 2022 and has not been cleaned. Rare to find them dressed

As Purchased

After Hair Washing

Scarlett: is an "Our Gereration" doll, purchased on 18 March 2022 and has not been cleaned. Rare to find them dressed

As Purchased

After Hair Washing

Catherine is an "Our Generation" doll
As Purchased

As Purchased


As Purchased

BECKY, is a "Our Generation" doll

As Purchased


As Purchased

SARINIA is a "Glitter Girl Doll" which was bought from Amazon in February, because she was advertised as poseable. However she isn't as poseable as you would think.
FLORENCE MAE is an "American Girl Doll"

18 March 2022

6 March 2022

14 February 2022

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