2022 Morning Sky

All of the photographs apearing on this page are the work of Phillip Floria.

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The Morning Sky series began about 4 years ago, I would take Jack our dog out every morning at sunrise, he and I would then watch sunrise as he attended to dog business. Because the view of rising sun and morning sky from my backyard changes very little, and some mornings the sky was blank or uninteresting, or it was raining. I began looking at other things that got my attention besides the skies full of color and clouds. The only criteria I have for images, to be included is that they were taken in the morning light during or just after Sunrise.

Sunrises for the week 20 - 26 June 2022

Saturday No 1 (Monday)

Saturday No 2 (Tuesday)
Saturday No 3 (Wednesday)
Saturday No 4 (Thursday)


Saturday No 5 (Friday)
Real Saturday

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